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Lijiang Picture Post

Panba Guest House - Tonights Hostel (on the left)
Kailey sent her wish down the river
An Abandoned Hospital, and finally BLUE sky!
Kailey and Lihao
Alex in Lijiang
This picture is for you Dad- strange solar power in Lijiang!

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We flew from Kunming to Lijiang early yesterday morning. We are staying in the old town and it is very VERY old. It reminds me of a mixture of France and Mexico- cobblestone streets and dirty houses. Its very interesting to look at though. I have pictures, but Alex is on the EeePC now- I'm using the public computer at the hostel.
We're staying at Panba Guest House, we were here last night and tonight, in an 8 person dorm room. I got the top bunk over Kailey. We explored the town yesterday and went to dinner at a Tibetan restaurant, it was very good. Tonight we're eating at the hostel, only 15RMB for the whole meal (thats about 2USD!). Kailey bought a skirt and a shawl, I haven't seen anything that I really want yet. I'm tempted by the fur things that they sell here, its so cheap for real fur and beautiful, but I know that you can't really wear fur in California without someone throwing chicken blood on you or something. Alex and I went into this Temple, it was very pretty but then some monks tried to get us to give them 300RMB for telling our futures. We didn't give it to them, even though they were pretty convincing that we would have 51 years of good luck. Tomorrow is the day we hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

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More Pictures

Today I rode a camel.

Tonights Hostel in Kunming:

Today we saw the Golden Temple:

Kunming is a nice change from Beijing. Its much cooler and we can occasionally see blue sky. When we left Beijing the smog was even worse than before. If the air quality is supposed to have improved, I can't even imagine what it was like before. We had a very sketchy lunch today (bone soup?? blah) so we all voted McDonalds for dinner. It was awesome to eat something and not use chopsticks.

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More flying

tomorrow we fly to Kunming, after that we hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge!

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